Welcome to Monona!

Welcome to Monona!

Let the "Gardens of Monona" beckon you to enter the beauty and tranquility of the ever-changing seasons that are so typical of Northeast Iowa. Walk along the streets and take a peek at the gardens beyond. Admire the beautiful front porches with friendly and neighborly residents offering a smile and a wave.

Monona has a lovely Butterfly Trail just waiting for you to meander down the path and take in the beauty of nature at its best. Listen to the laughter of families enjoying the Family Aquatic Center just across the street. The businesses of Monona also welcome you to enter their doors and experience shopping in Northeast Iowa. Discover Monona's treasured history at the Monona Historical Museum or simply spend an afternoon relaxing in one of the beautiful city parks.

Whether you are visiting, moving in or opening a business, you are welcome in Monona, Iowa!

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